A passive house in Wood Frame is the choice of the future.
1 March, 2017
Sabia que determinar os custos reais de um material de construção
Do you know that:
9 March, 2017

By 2020, buildings will have an energy balance very close to zero.

Nowadays, energy saving in commercial or residential buildings is very necessary to achieve a level of profitability, efficiency and sustainability in the coming years.

Buildings are a critical and essential point when we know that they represent around 40% of general consumption. It is important to act, invest and change behavior if we are to achieve the EU targets for the coming years, where by 2020 buildings should already have an energy balance very close to 0 (zero) and should produce almost all the energy they consume through buildings. renewable sources.

With the help of RF Arraiano Arquitetura e Construção, Lda, your building can move from consumer to producer and regulate consumption in order to take advantage of the thermal loads that are a feature of our wood frame buildings.