madeira o único material de construção que é crescido pelo sol
“There is no other building material that is grown by the sun
24 February, 2017
Luz natural mais confortável
Natural light is more comfortable for the human eye.
28 February, 2017

Does the orientation of a building matter in energy consumption?

The solar orientation of a building is very important in order to make better use of solar energy, contributing to the best energy performance of a building.

In Portugal, the South quadrant is the one that receives the most solar radiation throughout the day. This will be the most privileged orientation to take advantage of the sun. On the other hand, in the North quadrant it will be the one that will receive the least amount of direct solar radiation and that can see thermal losses.

The East will receive direct solar radiation throughout the morning, the West will only receive direct solar radiation in the afternoon.

Therefore, it should develop a strategy to achieve the best use of solar energy, both at technical and lighting levels, thus reducing energy needs.