o que é a aerotermia energia
What is aerothermal?
5 May, 2017
Wood Frame material de construção resistente ao fogo
Wood is a fire-resistant building material
29 October, 2019

Increase in WOOD FRAME buildings in Europe!

Wood constructions have gained great notoriety and have increasingly conquered Europe, where the industrialized wood frame has grown at great speed. There are several factors to have more and more choice in this type of construction material, among them, the thermal performance, increased efficiency of production and construction methods and for the improving the environment by replacing conventional building materials with wood.

In general, these 3 factors result in greater sustainability of the planet, as there are more and more buildings with renewable, non-polluting materials that insulate carbon with little waste of material and labor, generating less waste.

In addition, the thermal efficiency allows the reduction of energy consumption to maintain a more balanced temperature in the building, whether in summer or winter, achieving the requirements for "Passive" houses, where energy consumption for the support of the house is of the order of 15 kWh/(m2a), while conventional constructions consume from 200 to 400 kWh/(m2a).

In England, in 1998 wooden residential constructions represented only 2% of new constructions. In 2007, there was an increase of 13% compared to 1998 and, in 2017, there are already 27% of houses under construction in wood. After this analysis we can conclude that, in fact, there is a great growth and more people are choosing to build wooden houses.

Countries that have intensively developed the industrialization of constructions, such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland, already reach levels close to 35% in wooden constructions. Portugal and Spain are countries with little tradition in wooden constructions, but there is already some movement in this direction, applying the most modern techniques of fabrication and assembly of wooden buildings.

After this brief reading, there is no doubt that wooden constructions are not a passing trend, it is a significant evolution of construction methods.