Sustainable building pratices that make a difference for everyone.

RF Arraiano was founded in 2010 in the United States of America, starting its activity only in the architecture sector for different scales and segments.

In 2016, RF Arraiano arrived in Portugal, more precisely in the village of Porto de Mós. With his arrival, he also brought his knowledge of American architecture to Portugal, where he continued to provide services in the area of ​​architecture and now also in the area of ​​building durable and sustainable houses through a wood frame construction system, where resistant materials are used. and environmentally conscious.
RF Arraiano has the experience and technical capacity to execute projects in the United States and Portugal, providing comprehensive and complete services with a focus on quality and professional monitoring in the various stages of development of each client's processes.

We have a dynamic and specialized team to respond to the different needs of each customer, offering differentiated solutions in terms of design, innovation and construction, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.