Construção com madeiras certificadas
Construction with certified wood!
8 November, 2019
20 September, 2022

Woods used in our construction – Today we are going to talk about “Douglas Fir”!

Douglas Fir (Douglas Fir) is often used as a standard and benchmark against which all other species, which are used to make constructions on wooden structures, are measured.
Its strength combined with its superior strength-to-weight ratio, high specific gravity (for excellent retention of nails and metal supports), excellent dimensional stability (giving Douglas Fir's "green" products the ability to dry out and lose their resin easily), its moderate resistance to heartwood deterioration and excellent performance against strong forces resulting from winds, storms and earthquakes, have given Douglas Fir an excellent reputation.
It is also narrowly knotted and grained, adding the bonus of beauty to its structural capabilities. Color, grain pattern, size, and node type are covered in the rules for appearance grades.

Its light pink color is highlighted by its remarkably straight grain pattern, beautiful and over time and with its sun exposure it will turn reddish. This species of trees, we can find them among the tallest. Douglas Firs measure between 45 and 60 meters in height and their diameter is around 0.6 to 1.8 meters. We can find this variety at altitudes ranging from sea level to 1800 meters.

Credits information taken from: Western Wood Product Association and Think Wood