Apenas 1 hora o sol fornece energia para 1 ano
Did you know that in just 1 hour, the sun provides energy for a year?
14 March, 2017
Construções em madeira são resistentes a forças sísmicas
Wooden constructions, resistant to seismic forces.
19 April, 2017

The reason passive design adds value to a building.

The main objective of a passive design is to completely eliminate the requirements for active mechanical systems (and the associated consumption of energy based on fossil fuels) to optimize the comfort of the inhabitants.

Advantages of passive design and optimal construction performance in a building:
- It helps to reduce or even eliminate energy utility bills.
- Improves the quality of the previous environment.
- Reduces greenhouse gas emissions associated with heating, cooling, mechanical ventilation and lighting.
- It reduces the need for mechanical systems and their associated costs.
- Enables alternative energy systems.